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Please accept a warm welcome to the wonderful and exotic world of Avista Weddings – A world that is tailored to accommodate your wildest dreams; dreams of a romantic and picturesque, tropical wedding where every precious moment of your special day is handled with care and affection by our passionate and professional wedding planners. It is a world that is well within your grasp, actualise your dreams with Avista weddings and afford yourselves a day to remember for the rest of your lives with our Phuket wedding packages.


The ‘Western Dream’ package is a splendid selection for an unforgettable wedding at Novotel Phuket, Kata Avista Resort and Spa. Our special rooftop ceremony sets the scene for this picture-perfect experience, providing a delightful sea-view backdrop for a day of new and glorious beginnings.



Our sensational Thai Weddings packages are on offer year-round for guests at both Avista Hideaway Patong and Novotel Phuket, Kata Avista Resort and Spa. This popular selection is inspired by traditional Thai ceremonies, presenting detailed local wedding customs in a magical atmosphere.



Each of our Phuket resorts offers several enchanting wedding packages, specially designed to make the most of the natural beauty of the island, and the excellent facilities at our resort locations. We cater to all types of weddings, and celebrations of all sizes.



Nestled within a delightfully original setting, our unique Mountain Weddings set a very different stage for your wedding. We create a beautifully decorated atmosphere in a secluded hilltop space, offering you privacy and intimacy as you make your vows in a state of deep connection with nature.



With some of the finest beaches in Asia alongside our resorts, our Beach Weddings packages let you experience a sun-kissed delight on the day of your dreams. Fine sand and magnificent views instill an atmosphere of tropical bliss, setting the stage for a celebration that will live forever in your memories.



With spacious, fully equipped rooms for meetings, conferences and banquets, our Phuket resorts provide a wonderful atmosphere for all kinds of special events. Parties and anniversaries are a delight to experience at our luxurious resorts, offering comfort and convenience in equal measure.


Are you seeking the perfect venue for the wedding of your dreams in Phuket, Thailand?

Located in the most lively and renowned beach area of the island, the 5-star Avista Hideaway in Phuket, Patong is a boutique hotel that offers attentive, personalized service in a luxurious environment. With properties specially designed for your privacy and relaxation, our expert special event team will make your wedding day absolutely magical.

Celebrate weddings, anniversaries or honeymoons in the pure tropical paradise of Phuket, renowned for its blissful seaside setting together with its charming old town. Our variety of delightful venues and wedding packages will make every moment of your wedding experience fit beautifully with the way you always imagined it.

At the sacred and peaceful morning ceremony, you and your guests will enjoy the marvelous scenery over the waters of Phuket. At dusk, when the last rays of the sun touch your cheeks, you’ll feel the gentle sea breeze in your hair. Such moments provide an excellent opportunity to celebrate your wedding reception with romance and joy, making the most of the hotel’s memorable setting.

Personalized ceremonies at Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong mean that our wedding chapel atop the hill can be tastefully adorned according to your wishes. Our events team is more than ready to tailor every detail to make your dream wedding become a reality. Let us handle all the essential details for you, from customized floral bouquets to tasty food and cocktails for all your guests.

Whatever style and cultural theme you prefer, our experienced team will provide a terrific experience for the comfort of you and your guests. With such dedicated service alongside Phuket’s serene coastline, your special romantic moments will truly last forever.